22 August 2011

Birthday Mak.

Momma, happy birthday. I'm sorry to forget to wish you on your birthday. That's because I am very busy. Lot of sorry momma. After I back at home, Along just bring a nice cake love's shape. Luqman gave you a very small pen and adik draw a nice picture of you and dad. Now, the picture is at your bedroom right?

I think, what could I gave to you?
I not buy anything, althought this week, I not at home.

So I just gave you, my cerpen that I sent to Ustazah Hanim. She want to sent my cerpen to the...I don't know where. If I win,

First:RM 3000
Second:RM 2500
third: RM 1000

10 more will choose. They will get RM 500.

If I not win, I know that I do the best. If win, Alhamdulillah. It is a big present for you momma.